Misken Dental Team

It is best to use an electric tooth brush with small round head to clean properly around the brackets. Flossing with `Super Floss` is also recommended as well as a special brush.
  Always avoid eating any food that is HARD, STICKY, CRUNCHY or CHEWY. Food such as candy, nuts, gum, corn on the cob, chips, carrots, apples etc. It doesn’t mean you can`t eat      them, you will need to cut them into small bite size pieces.
    If a bracket or wire loosens or breaks off a fee may apply for recementing,   so please be very careful.  If this does happen please call the office as soon as possible.
    It is very important to keep your scheduled appointment, as it is important for your progress.    
    Please to be sure to clean brackets longer, better and more often as shown below: