Misken Dental Team

Did you know that phobias are the most common form of anxiety disorders?  Some people fear spiders or snakes, while others may fear situations such as flying or public speaking. For many individuals, their greatest fear is stepping into a dental office. For some the fear is so bad that it keeps them away from the dentist and puts their oral health at risk. So how can someone overcome dental anxiety?

The first step is communication. If you suffer from dental anxiety, discuss your concerns with our Dental Team. Try to be open and honest with your fears, as this will help us to develop strategies to cope with treatment and ease your worries. For example, we could agree on a stop signal if you become too anxious and need a short break during treatment.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask me about a procedure in detail, even if it is basic one. You can also ask us about reading materials or where on our website you would find the information that would explain the treatment. Also on our website we have excellent videos that will educate you in the procedure that we would be doing on you. The more that you know about the procedure, the better you will be able to manage your fear. Knowledge is your best tool in the fight against dental anxiety.

Too often the media portray dentists and dental visits as a painful and uncomfortable experience. In fact, a visit to our office is more likely to be just the opposite, a positive experience that can be entirely pain free. If you have been avoiding the dental chair, you may be surprised to know that dentistry has changed dramatically in a very positive way in the past few years. We use the most modern equipment and technology available today. It ain’t that bad anymore! And it’s never too late!

It is important not to ignore a problem in your mouth as if it is left untreated even a minor problem will develop into a major problem. It will not get better on its own! By coming to our office on a regular basis for preventive care, you are building a solid foundation for optimal oral health, which will help you avoid complications and the need for complex dental procedures.

If you’re a parent, try to have a positive attitude about the dentist as this will influence how your child perceives dentistry. Take your child to visit us early in life to help them become familiar with the dental office environment and to set the stage for positive experiences. Delaying a child’s early care and waiting until a preventable problem has become more significant just might trigger dental anxiety that most likely last a lifetime.

So acknowledge your fears and talk to us about your concerns and together we will overcome your anxieties! We have your health and well-being in mind and we want to help guide you toward optimal oral health with confidence. You can do it!

Thank you.