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The Internet is fast, convenient and full of information but can it be trusted? It is the element of trust that people are looking for from personal trusted advisors like their dentist or physician. According to a recent  survey:

90% of patients welcome self-service online healthcare options. At the same time 85% are not willing to give up personal communications with their health care professional .

I am not surprised at all by the findings. Patients want to go online and quickly, accurately and safely access blood test results, renew prescriptions, make and change appointments and pay bills. They want quick access to accurate healthcare information. At the same time they want a human who knows them someone they trust to guide their personal situation.

The survey also found that:

  • 83 percent want to access personal medical information online.
  • 72 percent want to book, change or cancel appointments online.
  • 72 percent want to request prescription refills online.
  • 88 percent want to receive email reminders about preventive or follow-up care.
  • 76 percent want the option of communicating with physicians via email.
  • 33 percent do know not if bill pay, electronic reminders and lab results are available to them online

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