Misken Dental Team

Wow!! I can’t believe that I was chosen the Best Dentist in Durham Region again. I shouldn’t be that surprised as we have won it 6 of the last 8 years but I am. I could not have won this without having the best staff in the world. So it wasn’t “I” it was “we” that won. We have been chosen by the people of Durham as the best dental office! This really blows my mind as this year there were 30 different dental offices in the running. I didn’t think that we could beat 29 other capable dentists but we did!

The first person that a patient meets is my Receptionist Linda. She has been working for us for 25 years. She is very loyal and dedicated to our practice and believes in what we are doing. She makes nervous patients settle right down and relax. Dental insurance is another thing; Linda is an expert and works with the patients to maximize their benefits. Linda is also a chair side assistant as well so she knows all techniques and problems that patients have and solves them. Everyone is so relaxed around Linda. I cannot say enough about her!

My Dental Assistant Gail has been working for us for 23 years. There is no other Dental Assistant in the world that is more competent than Gail! I think that if I was sick Gail could carry on and do a good job. She is the best! She knows how to relax a nervous patient and she is so good with the kids!

I wake up each day happy that I am going to work. It is so nice to work in a happy atmosphere. Our staff is great and so are the patients. We all have a good time in such a relaxed atmosphere and it rubs off on our patients.

I want to thank all our patients for taking the time to vote for us. Without our loyal patients we would just have an average run of the mill dental office.

We are the BEST and we are going to stay that way!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.