Misken Dental Team

We make a lot of mistakes in our lives. It’s just part of the human condition. Fortunately most of the mistakes we make end up being no more than minor detours in life’s journey. We may set the wrong goals or take a wrong turn before learning our lesson and making the necessary changes to get back on track. However, some mistakes keep us from attaining the happiness we want and deserve throughout life.


We sometimes see happiness not as a quest but as a challenge similar to combat. We win some battles in life and lose others. We must build on our successes, our victories if you will, while learning from our failures. By treating our failures not as personal attacks, but as temporary setback often can teach us more than our apparent victories. This outlook forces us to reassess our goals and allows us to prepare for future challenges.

We can channel our emotions and determine what we want out of life. We may still make mistakes as we work and live, but the mistakes will be small ones, mistakes that allow us to forge a path to true happiness.

Remember never, ever, give up. it will happen.

Go Leafs, Raptors and Duke Blue Devils.

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