Misken Dental Team


Dr. Joe Miskin

3 Harwood Ave. South

Ajax, ON L1S 2C1




1: Clean brackets longer, better and more often than usual.

An electric tooth brush with a small round head would also help. Flossing with “Super Floss” from Oral B will get between the teeth. There is no bigger disappointment than having your brackets removed and discovering your mouth full of cavities!!

2: Avoid gum, candy, nuts and corn on the cob. When eating apples or carrots cut them into little pieces and eat them away from the brackets. Don’t eat foods that are hard, sticky, crunchy or chewy.

3: Keep your scheduled appointment, as it is important for your progress.

4: If a bracket, wire or elastic breaks, loosens or hurts your mouth please call us. It is also normal for brackets to hurt for the first few days.

5: A few may be charged for lost brackets or for recementation so be careful what you eat!!

6: If you have a permanent wire retainer on the inside of your bottom teeth make sure you take extra care cleaning as plaque and tartar build up easily there.

7: Call the office if you have any questions or if problems arise.