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Removable Orthodontic Appliance Insurance

Due to popular demand we have made arrangements with our Orthodontic Lab to provide insurance on our Removable Orthodontic Appliances. This is optional.

The insurance will be a Six-Month Standard Insurance as 90% of all claims occur in the first six months. Why pay for a longer period?

The cost of this is $60.00 with a $20 dollar deductable.

If you would like this Insurance it must be requested before the appliance is fabricated.

Insurance provides that, upon loss or damage, the laboratory will remake or repair the appliance to the original prescription one time only (one claim only per insured appliance). Appliance insurance is only available prior to the fabrication of the device. Extensions to insurance will not be covered.

Our Lab guarantees all appliances against manufacturing defects for a full 60 days. The insurance is used for loss and damage.

Remember this is optional. We give the Lab $60.00 before they fabricate it and if the appliance breaks or if it is lost you pay us the deductable of $20.00 (which is what the Lab charges us).

Also this insurance will be between you and the Orthodontic Lab. We are not involved. We will send the appliance out to the Lab for repair and look after all paperwork.

Another thing to take into consideration before taking insurance is that a simple repair could cost as low as $20 to $30.

In summary, if you think that there will be no need for insurance, then don’t buy it. But if you do lose or break an appliance beyond repair it could cost $300 or more, depending upon the complexity of it.