Misken Dental Team


2014-06-07 2147


  1.You must wear your appliance 24 hours a day except while eating, while brushing or during contact sports or swimming.
  2.When cleaning you should remove the appliance, brush and floss your teeth, then brush your appliance.
  3.When you are not wearing your appliance please keep it in the case provided. NEVER EVER wrap it in napkins or tissue….it could accidently get  thrown away.
  4.When inserting your appliance NEVER EVER bite it in….it will break. Insert your appliance carefully with your fingers and never push or pull on the front wire. Your will be instructed how to do this while at the office.
  5.While not wearing your appliance be sure it is out of reach of pets, you do not want your appliance to become a costly play toy.
  6.If your appliance hurts during regular wear then please contact the office immediately.
  7.Please make sure to keep all appointments.
  8.If your appliance requires adjusting then please do this as instructed. If it is every 4 days then please get a calendar and write down when you are adjusting.
  9.If you do not follow these instructions and wear appliance as required then treatment will be delayed.
  10.Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.