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5 questions patients ask about gum disease

By Dr. Bicuspid and Dr. Joe Miskin, Ajax, ON

1. What is gum disease?

 While brushing and flossing are important, there are other causes of gum disease. Some foods affect the bacteria in our gut, which can affect the bacteria in our mouth. Processed foods can cause an increase in unhealthy bacteria in the gut and then spread to the mouth.

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Enjoy a canine cuddle during your teeth treatment

                             'It's like a hug while getting your teeth cleaned'

                                           By Carolyn Stokes, CBC News and Dr. Joe Miskin, Ajax, 905-261-5555

There's nothing particularly pleasant about a teeth cleaning, but one dental hygienist just outside St. John's is trying

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(Category: Health}Does Caffeine Stain Teeth?

Sacramento, CA - October 26, 2017 - (Newswire.com

Caffeine is a common ingredient in many popular drinks known to stain the teeth: coffee, tea and cola are all examples. So is caffeine contributing to the staining? Will drinking decaffeinated beverages prevent or lessen staining? 

What Color is Caffeine?

When caffeine is isolated from its

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Nova Scotia's children's dental plan needs revamping

Dr. Joe Miskin 3 Harwood Ave S. Ajax, ON     905-686-4343 with help from CBC.ca

Health Department officials are in talks with members of the Nova Scotia Dental Association regarding ways to improve the program, which right now 

provides basic dental care for kids up to age 14.The former NDP government promised to expand the program to include

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'But I do brush and floss'



By Joe Miskin, DDS, 3 Harwood Ave S Ajax 905-686-4343

with help from Lisa Knowles, DDS--September 18, 2017


 It seems that every patient says "But I always brush and floss," when we tell them they have several cavities on their dental examinations.

They think that they should not get

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