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I’m terrified of dentists but Dr. Miskin’s sense of humour put my mind at ease! He took the time to explain what needed to be done, what my options were, & he didn’t try to rush me out the door. If you need a dentist who actually cares about his patients & has their best interest in mind, look no further!
Posted By: Laura Eller
I thought that my teeth were pretty good. I never went to the dentist since my mother took me when I was a kid. I never had any problems in 22 years until that day, Dec. 27, 2011, when it hit me. Unbelievable pain on one of my molars. I went to the hospital but they couldn't help me. There was no dentist on staff. I searched the internet and asked some of my friends what to do. The answers were pretty much clear: Go see Dr Miskin.
I was so scared to go but I had to. I phoned Dr Miskin's office and I thought that they wouldn't see me for a few weeks but after speaking to Linda,the receptionist, my fears were allayed and she said that the dentist would see me right away. I got there in 20 minutes and was seen right away. Linda made me feel good but I was still scared but I soon felt comfortable after chit chatting with Dr MIskin.

I thought my tooth would come out but Dr Miskin said that he could save it. Dr MIskin did his magic and I was out in 20 minutes smiling with an appointmant card for a complete checkup.
This whole experience was amazing. Everyone was so nice to me there!

Thanks Dr Miskin and wonderful staff
Posted By: Joey Fortuno
mechanical engineer, Pickering
I have recently become a patient of Dr. Miskin. The experience at his office has been so positive for me that I felt very comfortable to bring my 7 year old daughter Ashlin for a check up.

The news was that she would require several extractions. Needless to say a surgical procedure is not high on anyone's list of exciting things to do. When the patient is your daughter it is completely distressing.

Dr. Miskin has an amazing way of delivering news to parents that expresses the rationale and benefit of a procedure so that you can make an informed decision. He also involves the children in his dental chair in a way that makes them feel involved and safe. Remarkably, I think I was more concerned with the news than my daughter was.

She advised me on the way home from her first visit that she had a "great time" and felt Dr. Miskin was "cool", “funny” and "neat". Coming from my daughter, this is high praise for anyone . She loved the office, his staff, getting her photo taken, the prizes, the TVs in the ceiling.... the list goes on.

She did however inform me she would not be choosing raspberry as her toothpaste flavor next time!

Today was the day of her extractions. We arrived early and Ashlin was brought right in. The open concept of Dr. Miskin's office meant I could hear my little girl the entire time. Expecting her to be nervous, tearful and scared, she was in fact laughing, smiling, joking and completely caught up in the experience.

Halfway through the procedure I was able to come in and see her. She was smiling happily after two or three extractions as if nothing had happened.

Incredibly, despite the number of extractions required, we could not have been more than 30 minutes in his office. She was made to feel like the number one patient today and I am pleased to say only hours after the extractions my daughter is doing well. She is pain free and looks like her old self again. There is no swelling, bruising or bleeding.

She stands to make a healthy profit from the Tooth Fairy. I can't help but wonder if Ashlin and her new friend Dr. Joe worked out some sort of deal, because she is looking forward to seeing him again!

I suspect they'll have a more in depth discussion about the merits of various toothpaste flavors next time.

Many Thanks to Dr. Miskin and his staff from his newest patient Ashlin and her relieved father Scott.
Posted By: Ashlin and her Dad

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