We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Ajax area from their patient reviews. Dr. Joe & Nathan Miskin and staff are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Miskin Dental.

Staying up with technology - puts him ahead ... this could only mean that
he is also up-to-date on the latest and great dental care for his patients.
Posted By: Peggy M.
A history of less than diligent dental attendance and a lack of benefits left me with what could only be described as an embarrassing set of teeth. All of the decay was upfront and visible for the world to see.

The longer I neglected them, the less likely it seemed I would ever get them taken care of.

After years of being certain I had the worst set of teeth in the history of modern dentistry, I had finally had enough of not being able to smile. I began my search for someone who could help.

When you search online for “Best Dentist Durham” you will find Dr. Joe Miskin. I am glad that I did.

I sat in his exam room and was prepared to accept false teeth, metal fillings or at the very best some mismatched patch work of fillings – anything would be an improvement. I was also prepared to accept a harsh lecture from my new dentist.

The whole office however could not have been nicer! With a great sense of humour and understanding, (mine were not the worst teeth in history) Dr. Miskin and his exceptional staff were able to undo 7 years of poor dental habits in 90 pain free minutes. They also provided the dental care teaching so that it won’t happen again!

The transformation was amazing. I cannot get over the restorative work Dr. Miskin and his team performed. I left his office truly smiling for the first time in years.

I seem to look in the mirror constantly now and I still cannot believe it. Years of neglect erased by his skilful repair of my own teeth (no dentures!) You can't tell they were once full of holes. Amazing!

I was so pleased with the whole experience that my entire family are now patients of Dr. Miskin!

If you’ve been holding out on a much needed appointment, may I suggest you call Dr. Miskin and his staff? You’ll be glad you did. The relief is instant.

Thanks Dr. Miskin.
Posted By: Scott C
Dr Joe did a fantastic job on my teeth. I didn't feel a thing which is a big concern of mine from problems I had elsewhere when I was a youngster. I told the Doc I had not been to a Dentist in awhile and being the trust worthy person that he is, he checked me out and told I was in great shape with only a couple of simple problems. He put me at ease and got me in and out quickly.
Thank you Dr Joe Miskin, Frank
Posted By: Frank Gucciardi
Business Owner, GTA

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