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So gotta tell you.....it is always a pleasure to have my teeth done by your and Gail.....might have something to do with the gas and the freezing, the colourful glasses and the headphones..... but seriously who cares.

As I was lying in the chair....with nothing else to do but think of something to drown out the sound of that high pitch drill, which I am sure every animal within 10 kms heard and was howling at....I thought of the song Ghostbusters and how it might pertain to Joe.

So I have attached my thoughts from the chair....share with whomever you might like.

See you in 6 months.

First Part sung to the tune of Ghostbusters

If there’s something wrong in your mouth of teeth
Who you gonna call?

If there’s something weird and it ain’t feeling good
Who you gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no drill
I ain’t afraid of no drill
If you’re feeling things in your mouth of teeth
Who you gonna call?

A thumpty thump in your mouth of teeth
Who you gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of no drill
I ain’t afraid of no drill
So go right now, pick up your phone

I ain’t afraid of no drill
I kinda like the gas
I ain’t afraid of no drill

This is the “talking part”

Mmmm if you have to toothache and your face is swollen up
You better call JOE MISKIN, drilling makes him feel so good
I ain’t afraid of no drill
Don’t be afraid….no….no…no ….JOE MISKIN
When he comes through the door, unless you have someone one else and should NOT be there
You better call JOE MISKIN
Who you gonna call?
Ah….I think you better call JOE MISKIN
I can’t hear you
Posted By: Pam Crosby
Dear Dr. Miskin,

Thank you so much for your excellent orthodontic work. We are very pleased with Nick's teeth.

Your perseverance paid off in the end. He now has such a great smile!
Posted By: Karen
Nick's mom, Ajax
The name of my first television program was “Fiction or Fact”. It kicked off a 30 plus year career in radio, television, print media, 22 published books, three film scripts and over 100 documentaries.
What I am about to write is “Fact not Fiction.”
During 61 years of happy marriage, which produced three children, Joyce and I always had a family dentist. We had the good, the bad and the ugly.
Two stand out and we would never have become Dr. Miskin’s patients if one hadn’t died and the other retired. When they did we did our best to find another dentist hopefully who would match them. The last one before Dr. Miskin shook out faith the dentistry. He was arrogant, impatient and condescending. His appointments were viewed with dreading, especially when he worked us down to every three months. The break came when he informed me that I needed extensive work to the tune of over $20,000 in addition to Joyce who he tallied up to over $10,000.
We found it outrageous and complained to our daughter who was a Dr. Miskin patient along with her husband. She suggested we give him a try.
It was a most propitious suggestion which we never regretted acting upon. First off Dr. Miskin said he didn’t believe we needed all the work his predecessor suggested and if we did he’d let us know. Years later we are still waiting.
Very few like dental appointments, especially my wife who has had some unsettling experiences. Dr. Miskin and his staff of go out of their way to make one feel important and provide a calming atmosphere. Best of all you never spend an eternity in the waiting room with out-dated reading material. Most times Dr. Miskin is waiting for you.
What more can one ask? I have no reservations recommending him and his fine staff of professionals.

Doug Hall
Posted By: Doug Hall

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