bonding before after

A conservative way to repair slightly chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth is by bonding. A white filling material is placed onto your tooth to improve its appearance. This filling “bonds” with your tooth, and closely matches the appearance of your natural teeth.

Bonding can be used for tooth fillings instead of the old silver fillings. Patients prefer bonded fillings because the bonded white tooth colour is not noticeable like the silver. Bonded fillings are used on front or back teeth, depending on the location and extent of tooth decay.

Bonding is less expensive than other cosmetic treatments and can usually be completed in one visit to our office. However, bonding can stain and is easier to break than other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers. If it does break or chip, tell Dr. Miskin as the bonding can generally be easily patched or repaired in one visit.

If you would like more information on bonding please watch the following educational video below:

Bonding with White Fillings -