2014-06-07 2147

Whitening Instructions

    1.Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.
    2.Apply a dot of gel, about the size of a match head, on the front wall of each tooth compartment of the tray.
    3.Place the tray over your teeth. Be careful not to push the get out of the tray. If this happens remove excess gel with finger without removing the tray.
    4.Wear the tray at night while sleeping for best results. While sleeping we have less salivary flow then during the day.
    5.Remove the tray and rinse it with cold water. Use a Q-tip to remove any residual gel. Place the tray in the storage case.
    6.Rinse and brush excess gel from your teeth.

For Optimum Results

One syringe should be enough for 4 whitening sessions. If it isn’t then you may be using too much gel. Too much gel may also cause irritation to your gums. Try to minimize consumption of coffee, cola, tea and red wine. Also try and avoid citrus foods, juices and tobacco. Do not eat or drink while wearing the tray. Best results are dependent upon your cooperation and following of these instructions. Individual results may vary. We advise against treatment while pregnant or nursing. Should you have any questions or experience any problems please contact our office by phone 905-686-4343 or email us.